How would you introduce yourself to a client? Well dressed? With a fresh look? A happy face and the right attitude?

We do everything possible to impress our clients.

The way your craft your email is an extended image of yourself. This is similar to the social media channels, the background of your Google or zoom meeting. 

All these say a lot about your personality and offer favorable or unfavorable opinions that could result in varied results.

Not all emails are good and well written. Some emails are better than the rest in terms of how they are written and how elegantly and effectively they fulfill the purpose.

How often do you write emails? And how many emails do you receive?

Do you wish to take your email campaign to the next level?

Then before structuring your email, you need a solid prospect list.

Use Free Email Finder Tool  

As you build your email list, you can check out the best free email finder tools available in the market.

I would recommend having as one of the tools in your search process in the beginning. 

And then, when you learn how accurate this tool is, you can go for the paid version of this tool.

Now let us move ahead with the email anatomy and see how you should craft each email section. 

The Subject – Don’t Leave it to Chance

Most people focus on the content of their email and are negligent towards the subject line. 

The subject is the primary step that a recipient will come across when your email reaches them. 

So, craft it perfectly by avoiding generic titles and keep it engaging, informative, and straightforward.

Warm Greeting & Adieu

Though email is digital communication, it is still an interaction between two people. The least expected in this digital mode of communication is a sweet greeting and a warm adieu.

Never use generic greetings that lack a personal touch. Always address the recipients by their name. 

And even when you bid adieu to your audience, be cordial and gentle. 

Consider each email as an opportunity to connect with your potential audience rather than simply conveying the information.

Keep it Short & Get to the Point.

Would you read an entire novel in your mailbox? 

No one likes to do that.

Always remember that emails are not the right channel to convey a piece of enormous information.

If you need a lot of details, and there is no other option, you can use bullet points to convey the message in points. 

And if there is a problem, do not try to solve it through email; instead, you must resolve it in person or through call. Use the email to record this.

Read Your Email Aloud

You could omit a lot of issues when you reread your emails before sending them to your prospects. This practice would rectify your spelling mistakes or grammatical errors and allow you to understand if your email would make sense to your recipient.

Final Thoughts

As seen in this article, you need to be careful with each email section – the email address, subject line, content, signature, interactive elements, etc.

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