Essentials To Keep In Mind While Buying Oceanfront Condos

A lot of people dream of buying one of the best Wailea oceanfront condos for sale. But every person can’t afford to manage it for long term. The following are some of the key essentials that every person should keep in mind at the time of making a decision to invest in the properties that are in front of the ocean: 

Rates of Insurance

No surprise here – if purchasing oceanfront property, you can anticipate the rates of homeowners insurance to skyrocket. In addition, the ones living in close proximity to the coast may be required to buy flood insurance, which can be a pricey disbursement. When purchasing a property at the oceanfront, be certain to have a word with the insurance agent regarding the insurance rates.

Do not miss shopping around for the best rates. You would be astonished how significantly the rates can vary from one service provider to another.

Risk of Floods

Other than damage by high winds, flooding is to blame for a large amount of the damage caused by storms and hurricanes. For this reason, you must mull over the flood risk of a home when purchasing such sort of property. Start by ensuring that the property was constructed using materials that are resistant to flood. Then, research whether or not the property is situated in a high-risk flood zone.

Albeit the majority of Wailea oceanfront condos for sale are not in a high-risk flood zone, you may still need to buy flood insurance. You should even mull over whether the property is located on an upward hill or a little elevated slope to put a stop to flooding during heavy rains.

Durability of Windows

Two words – impact windows! At the time of investing in oceanfront property, the windows of the home should be a vital deliberation. Your investment will certainly be protected from possible wind damage and wind-borne debris during severe storms and hurricanes if the property has got durable impact windows.

If you make your mind up to purchase an oceanfront property with such windows, it is highly recommended to install them in next to no time after you move in – durable windows are a hurricane-proofing must. Not just will they look after your property, but they will even reduce the costs of insurance, perk up the energy efficiency of your home, and cut the levels of loud noise.


If you are on the hunt for a peaceful vacation home, the final thing you would like to do is buy a property next door to a loud frat house. Ensure that you carry out research on the street and locality prior to purchasing an oceanfront property. Whether or not the property has welcoming and sociable neighbors who are willing to keep an eye on your place while you are away is also an essential consideration.

When it comes to providing you with the best and the most extensive Wailea oceanfront condo listings, there is nothing better than contacting Maui Real Estate!

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