It is very exciting to watch a building rise. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a home or a business, you can feel a sense of fulfillment as you move from blueprint to ribbon cutting. The process of pouring the foundation can be slow and frustrating. You need to be informed about the foundation excavation process in order to understand what is happening.

Site Clearance and Preparation

The construction crew will have to clear the area before foundation excavation can start. Clearing vegetation such as trees and underbrush will be necessary. They will need to remove deadwood, stumps, large rocks, and any remnants of an old structure, depending on where they are working. The foundation will be dug one foot below the tree roots. All obstructions to excavation or foundation laying must be removed and filled in.

Foundation Excavating

The site must be “set out” before the actual excavation can begin. This is done by using strings and wooden pegs to mark the area to be excavated. The general contractor will also predetermine the depth.

Excavating is the heavy-duty task of removing all the earth from the area to make way for the foundation. The depth and hardness levels of the soil will determine if the trench needs to be strengthened. Planking may be used to secure the sides of the earth until foundation construction can begin.

Fundraising the Foundation

After the excavation is complete, the foundation can be poured. Concrete (or sometimes a mixture depending on the purpose of the building) will be poured into troughs that help to contain the mixture and shape it into a solid and usable structure. Curing the foundation can take anywhere from 3-10 days. In the meantime, you can do some masonry work.

Patience is key to the Foundation Excavation process

The building process can be complicated and involve excavations, site clearing, foundation pouring, and other tasks. You should be patient as you wait for the foundation work to complete.

It may not seem like much work is being done, but foundations are crucial to ensure a safe and long-lasting building. Foundation work will be required for residential houses that take 15 weeks. This is a conservative estimate. The more appealing parts are just around the corner, so be patient.

Any building is dependent on its foundation. Greenbar Excavation is just crazy enough for the often mundane process of foundation excavating. We offer foundations to residential or commercial projects, as well as basement excavation, site preparation, and foundation drainage systems.

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