Advantages of a Laser Marking Machine For Your Business.Although its primary use is in manufacturing and production processes, it is not the only area that has had a major impact on laser machines.
Laser machines are also widely used in the medical sector to cut human tissue, used in processes such as eye surgery.
You can also find it in other applications, such as for artistic purposes.
One artist even decided to use a laser on food to creatively cut out interesting designs and results.
marcatrici laser machines use laser light to permanently mark the surfaces of various materials.
Marking the effect is through the evaporation of the surface material which reveals the inner material, which is engraved exquisite patterns, trademarks, and text.

Laser marking machine advantages:

1. Mark clear characters, good graphic quality.
2. Can mark a variety of lines, patterns, numbers and barcodes, marking line width can be less than 0.0lmm.
3. Can be deep, shallow, small parts can also be marked, which is not achieved by other marking methods; not contact processing.
So there is no damage to the part surface.
4. Marking permanent laser marking machine, unlike inkjet printing can be erased words.
5. Can be used as a safety sign.
With easy computer operation to replace tagged content, you can also become part of a tag.
6. Not easy to be fake; high efficiency, low cost, can be a variety of materials.


Laser marking machine technology using a computer controlled laser as a processing tool, the basic principle is: a computer-controlled energy density centralized laser beam in accordance with a predetermined path in mechanical components, electronic components, instrumentation, etc.
Need to mark the work piece Surface, surface material to achieve instantaneous evaporation or chemical change Change color, engraved to a certain depth or color of text, graphics, etc.
On the surface of the work piece to leave a permanent mark.

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