With more condo towers popping up across Mississauga, it’s becoming increasingly important to have your unit stand out from the rest. And did you know learning how to properly stage a condo in Mississauga can net you a 3 to 6% net increase in equity over upstaged condos?

Here are some tips to help you stage your condo for maximum impact and to impress potential buyers.

1. Declutter

The size of the average condo is vastly smaller than a house. As such, the more stuff you have occupying space, the smaller the condo will feel to potential buyers. Go room by room and remove anything that causes clutter.

Storing your bike in the living room or bedroom? Move it to storage space. Keep your coffee cups on the kitchen counter for easy access in the mornings? Move them to the cupboard. Keeping a bunch of books on your desk? Throw them in the storage space along with the bike.

It’s also a good idea to depersonalize the condo for mass appeal. Put away anything that can be deemed a “collection item,” like comic books or anything that reflects your personal tastes, like a concert poster or signed hockey jersey.

2. Use Statement Pieces

Of course, you don’t want your home looking sterile, so make sure you make it vibrant with a few choices statement pieces. Use these pieces to move focus away from the size of the condo and on the lifestyle it can offer. Plants are a good option for statement pieces as they help provide a great first impression. In the entryway, they make the home seem more welcoming. They also help the home not look overly staged because plants require someone to care for them.

But if you want to go bolder with your statement pieces, items like a vintage wine rack can work well. It suggests a calm and relaxed atmosphere while sipping wine. Or you can prominently display a suitcase with a universal adapter to imply travel.

Don’t ignore your bathroom either. Simple touches like a clean shower curtain, rolled-up towels, and some new soap in a clean tray not only suggest cleanliness but a calm space.

3. Make the Most of Your Windows

Because a condo is basically an apartment that you own, shared walls occupy one or two sides of the unit. This is a big disadvantage compared to a house, which can have windows on all four sides.

It’s important, then, to maximize the amount of natural light your condo receives. While some condo owners are lucky to have a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, others may have to get creative if their walls have smaller windows.

An easy way to maximize the natural light in your condo, especially during daylight showing times, is to remove any draperies. You can go with a miniature blind rolled all the way up, but if that’s not possible, go with nothing at all.

If you don’t want to go completely naked, window sheers are a good option, they soften window frames while still allowing all the light to pass through.

4. Invest in Lamps and Bright Bulbs

Of course, you can’t only rely on natural light as a selling point. If you have a showing during the evening or night, you’ll have to find another way to showcase how bright your condo can get. Therefore, investing in quality lamps with bright bulbs is a good idea.

You may also invest in track lighting, which offers brightness without drawing attention. Invest in bright LED bulbs that emit a soft or cool light. Just make sure your lamp can handle the wattage of the bulb.

If you’re curious about putting your condo on the real estate market, search Google to find a local REALTOR® that specializes in condominium sales in Mississauga.

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